Shower Enclosures For Sale 2018 – Caresheet For Sandlizards – Lacerta agilis

Subspecies and spreading:

Lacerta agilis agilis , West Europe and western center Europe.

Lacerta agilis argus , Japanese center Europe and north Balkan, northeastern Italy.

Lacerta agilis boemica , Northeastern Caucasus.

Lacerta agilis bosnica , Jugoslavian mountains, Bulgaria and north Greece.

Lacerta agilis brevicaudata , Transcaucasia and northeast Turkey.

Lacerta agilis exigua , Easter of Dnjepr river and northern of Caucasus, east of Lake Baikal and to Issyk-Kul and nothwest China.

Lacerta agilis grusinica , Caucasian coast of Black sea and adjoining coast of northeast Turkey.

Lacerta agilis chersonensis , Bulgarian and Romanian lowlands, japanese Poland and western Russia.

Lacerta agilis ioriensis , Higher reaches of river Iori in Caucasus.


Snout-Ventral Size (SVL) of approximatley eight cm's and tail about 1,5 occasions the SVL.
Colours and patterns differ between subspecies and populations. Predominant brown of grey ground-color with quite a few darkish brown or black spots, significantly alongside a darker dorsalstripe. The species displays sexual dimorphism witch is especially evident within the breedingseason, when the males flip vivid inexperienced alongside the flanks. Males have a header head, are stockier constructed and are on common barely bigger than females. Juveniles are related in shade to the adults however lack inexperienced pigmentation. Hatchlings measure about 2 cm's SVL, about 5,5 cm's to six,5 cm's in whole size.
Most life span is 12 years.


The species favor heathlands with sand or sandy soil, it additionally inhabits sand-dune habitats in just a few areas. These species even have a choice for southerly dealing with slopes particularly on the northley altitudes. Theese areas are additionally wanted for egglaying and incubating eggs throughout the breedingseason.



A pair ought to be stored in a terrarium measuring minimal 50 cm's X 30 cm's X 30 cm's with sand as substrate, part of it stored moistened and an element dry at a depth of 10 - 15 cm's. Moised sand of this depth ensures the females to excavate burrows in witch they lay their eggs, additionally to extend the relative humidity within the enclosure. Observe that the males are territorial, so just one male / enclosure.

Items of bark, items of claypots, low branches and leafs are additionally added to offer cowl and climbing-possibility.
Present a waterbowl, but in addition spray water each morning or night to make sure that the animals are ingesting.

A highlight over a bit of bark makes an excellent baskingspot, the species want UV-B lighting. Temperatures starting from 25 ° C to 27 ° C daytime, and reaching 35 ° C on the baskingspot. Night time temperature drop to 14 ° C to 18 ° C. Daytime photoperiod stays at a relentless 12-14 hours / day in the summertime.

Out of doors:

An enclosure measuring three X four meters can maintain 2 males and a pair of females of those species.
Enclosure ought to be properly planed with a wide range of vegetation to imitate pure habitats. Logs / heavy roots and flat stones / rocks or slabs for basking spots and for canopy must be offered. Flowering vegetation are good to make use of to draw bugs for various pure meals. Feed with some crickets every so often to make sure that the animals are getting as a lot meals as wanted. Use a watering can to present the enclosure and the animals a mild shower of ingesting water as soon as every single day.


This species require a hibernatingperiod, so as to set off matingbehavior within the springtime. That is finished by placing the animals in a aerated field with deep moisted Sphagnum-moss layer / bedding. The field is put within the fridge at a temperature of approximatley four ° C for about four - 5 months, November to April.

Mating happen between March and Could and the eggs are laid from late Could to July.
Northern populations lay a single clutch of eggs, and extra southern populations as much as 2 clutches a 12 months. four to 18 eggs / clutch, witch take about 12 weeks to hatch.


The lizards will settle for allmost all sort of bugs, earth worms and infrequently candy fruit and flowers. All meals that isn't from the out of doors enclosure ought to be dusted with vitamines and calsiumsupplements.