Shower Receptor 2018 – OxyDHQ – Killing Cancer Through Cellular Oxygenation

Low mobile oxygen ranges can result in most cancers:

We reside in a world right now the place dangerous toxins & carcinogens are ever current, even within the air we breathe. Basic family merchandise together with cleansing merchandise, air fresheners and many others. plus magnificence & skincare lotions, bath & shower gels, until they're naturally based mostly, include parabans & different poisonous substances proved to be carcinogenic. Along with this the meals we purchase, until licensed natural, is sprayed with pesticides & different chemical substances which inhibit the wholesome functioning of our immune system & also can immediately contribute to most cancers.

The construct up of such toxins in our physique leads to the encompassing cells turning into starved of oxygen. Oxygen performs a key function within the functioning of wholesome cells, they want oxygen as they're cardio, this implies they burn oxygen to supply power. When the provision of oxygen turns into diminished to a sure level, the cell is unable to proceed to operate appropriately & is now vulnerable to assault from microbes, which really take over the cell. At this level the respiration mechanism of the cell ceases to operate in a 'regular' method, it turns anaerobic. That is the fundamental functioning of most cancers cells, they're anaerobic & they search out glucose, as a substitute of oxygen, to supply power. The encircling wholesome cells turned affected by the functioning of those cancerous cells & lack of oxygen because of the anaerobic processes of them & they too turned unable to operate in a standard method. That is how most cancers can take a maintain in our physique & start to unfold. Most cancers cells, when in an oxygen depleted setting will thrive & unfold like wild hearth! As most cancers cells get extra & extra oxygen the speed at which they unfold turns into slower & slower till they begin to die.

Wholesome cells thrive in a extremely oxygenated setting & have the power to restore & keep themselves, combating off illness earlier than it even takes a maintain. So it's important that, we must be confronted with a severe sickness akin to most cancers, mobile oxygen ranges are boosted in an effort to improve our physique's capacity to struggle the illness at crucial degree; at mobile degree!

Your oncologist shall be properly conscious of the truth that oxygen kills most cancers, nevertheless as they're solely capable of advocate & prescribe any type of treatment that's supplied to them by means of pharmaceutical corporations, whose focus is primarily 'patenting medicine' they won't be supportive in your option to go down such a route. The large drug corporations are solely involved in producing treatment which they've the authorized rights over, oxygen doesn't fall into this class, because it cannot be patented & over-priced.

Otto Heinrich Warburg gained Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for his discovery that most cancers cells are anaerobic, so that is under no circumstances a brand new idea, only one that seems to be merely missed by the medical business who consistently search the popularity of getting the 'subsequent massive most cancers drug 'underneath trial. All the time medicine as a result of that is all they'll 'invent'. The reality is that the simplest therapies are much more easy than all this, nature supplies all we'd like & science offers us the power to embody these pure substances into potent most cancers killing cures.

Efficient strategies for delivering oxygen to cells:

The issue in efficiently delivering oxygen into most cancers cells arises as a result of thick coating the microbe creates round these cells. It has not but been found really how the microbe kinds this protein coating, however certainly one of its most definitely makes use of is to maintain oxygen out.

What is required is the power to chop by means of this coating, the place the oxygen can then be launched into the cell. It then turns into attainable, not for the cell die, however for it to reconstruct itself & return to regular, wholesome functioning.

Most oxygen dietary supplements are unable to penetrate the coating round most cancers cells. One technique, nevertheless, which many individuals have discovered to be very efficient, is by consuming meals grade hydrogen peroxide. It's straightforward to be delay by the considered this however that is solely as a result of lack of awareness of what hydrogen peroxide really is. We'd usually consider a chemical used for bleaching hair. The reality is that hydrogen peroxide is totally pure & is solely water with an additional oxygen atom. Everyone knows of water as having the atomic construction (h2o), hydrogen peroxide could be very comparable (h2o2) & this further oxygen atom offers it some very fascinating properties. It has many, many makes use of though it is vital that, when consumed as a way for treating sickness, a correct protocol is adopted. Hydrogen peroxide baths are one other great way of absorbing oxygen by means of the pores and skin. I'd advocate studying "The Many Advantages of Hydrogen Peroxide" cancers/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml

Maybe the easiest way to efficiently oxygenate our cells is by taking OxyDHQ. The proteolytic & pancreatic enzymes contained in OxyDHQ have the power to interrupt by means of the protecting coating round most cancers cells & oxygen is then launched into the cell, proper the place it's wanted. Along with this OxyDHQ incorporates 5% sea-ormus, 84 minerals, 39 enzymes, 19 amino acids, 13 main nutritional vitamins, ellagic acid, 28 phytonutrients, 19 herbs, 23 entire meals greens and a 7 juice mix, making it a really lively & potent fighter of many different illnesses in addition to most cancers.

What's DHQ?

DHQ not solely enormously will increase the therapeutic energy & most cancers combating capacity of Oxy DHQ, nevertheless it has additionally been proven to increase wholesome cell life as much as 240% in take a look at tubes. Which means wholesome cells are additionally being protected against the unfold of most cancers. DHQ is a strong free radical scavenger & helps to fortify the blood & enhance circulation.

Ascorbo-phoshpate is a type of Vitamin C, much more potent than common Vitamin C & is one other ingredient of OxyDHQ which boosts the efficiency of the DHQ & boosts the most cancers combating capabilities of this product even additional. Vitamin C is a really highly effective antioxidant & the ascorbo-phoshpate, being round 16 occasions stronger is yet one more highly effective & anti-cancerous aspect of OxyDHQ.

Attaching most cancers from completely different angles will increase the potential for achievement:

If you're contemplating Oxy DHQ as a part of your most cancers combating routine, taking it together with Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ & PH Balancer eight will increase the potential for achievement significantly. These three merchandise are often known as the Dynamic Trio & come as combo who's extraordinarily widespread.

Zeolite, as a result of its chelating properties is a superb heavy metallic cleansing technique. The Liquid Zeolite which comes as a part of the Dynamic Trio can also be enhanced with DHQ & in addition to its cleansing properties, can also be a really efficient most cancers killer.

One other situation vital for most cancers to thrive is very acid ranges. PH balancer neutralises the our bodies pH ranges making it ever tougher for most cancers to outlive, making this an vital angle to cowl in any most cancers combating regime.

These merchandise can lead to a most cancers affected person feeling an enchancment in a short time & on the very least they are going to be slowing the speed at which the most cancers is spreading. If the dimensions of the tumor remains to be growing, although, then the dosage must be elevated & typically used along side another most cancers combating dietary supplements.

Beating most cancers efficiently:

It is very important do not forget that, regardless of the strategies talked about on this web page present probably a much more efficient solution to beat most cancers than chemotherapy, in an effort to maximize this potential a number of different life-style adjustments can have substantial outcomes. We mentioned earlier on this text, how most cancers cells have 20 occasions extra glucose receptors than wholesome cells, as that is how they produce their power; from glucose. It is unnecessary; due to this fact, to eat something containing any sugar as that is clearly 'feeding' the most cancers cells. I additionally talked about how most cancers thrives in a extremely acidic setting, so no acidic meals must be ateen. A strict most cancers food regimen is the easiest way ahead & will increase the success of another merchandise you select to take indefinitely.

Bear in mind, the goal right here is to develop into fully most cancers free & for it by no means to return. Going again to outdated life-style & food regimen habits is kind of merely creating the perfect circumstances for most cancers to return, they're prone to have performed a component within the formation of most cancers within the first place, though that is at all times strictly true. However sustain the wholesome life-style & it is best to at all times stay most cancers free!

OxyDHQ Dosage Necessities:

Must you select OxyDHQ as a part of your most cancers combating protocol, the proper dosage necessities are vital in maximizing its effectiveness & are depending on the stage of most cancers being handled.

Under is given the right amount to equal one month's provide:

Early stage most cancers = three bottles Superior most cancers = four bottles Very superior = four bottles Finish Stage = 5 bottles

If you happen to resolve on the dynamic trio then the proper provide of the Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ & pH Balancer are already calculated across the above figures.

For additional data. & buying particulars please see under.

OxyDHQ attainable unintended effects:

If you happen to discover after taking OxyDHQ that you simply expertise unintended effects akin to an upset tummy, then a really helpful different product to make use of could be Zeo3. One attainable purpose for such unintended effects is if you're unable to deal with extremely acidic drinks & as a result of excessive acid degree of Oxy DHQ, then higher possibility for you'd be Zeo3.

In addition to delivering oxygen to cells, Zeo3 helps enhance pH ranges within the physique & additionally incorporates some zeolite. That is the following smartest thing to Oxy DHQ.

Zeo3 can also be out there from the hyperlink under.