Shower Surround 2018 – Completing a Bathroom Remodel? Learn How to Measure For Tile

Tips on how to measure for tile when finishing a bathroom rework

Think about this, you're pondering of reworking a bathroom and have already got a longtime finances. You might be at a tile store and see a tile pattern you want. The value of the tile is $ 5.00 a sq. foot. How are you aware if this $ 5.00 a sq. foot tile is inside your finances? Along with the tile, how a lot ought to I finances for the grout and sealer?

In a current article I offered info on the several types of tiles which can be out there on your bathroom rework. Now it's time to learn to measure on your tiling venture and calculate the price on your tiles and associated tiling provides.

There are several types of tile you will have to tile your bathroom:

  • Subject Tile
  • Trim Tile

Subject tile is the primary physique of tile on your transforming venture. For instance, if you're tiling your shower, the sector tile is the tile on the partitions of your shower. The sector tile covers the biggest space of ​​your tiling venture. A typical measurement for subject tile is 12 inches by 12 inches. Subject tile is offered by sq. footage, so you could take the realm for the sector tile and calculate the sq. footage.

Trim tile is split into two classes:

  • Accent trim tile (to be set in with the sector tile)
  • Border trim tile (to complete off the sector tile)

Tips on how to Measure

Let's undergo an instance that will help you undergo the tile measuring course of. On this instance, we're going to set up tile for a bath with a shower surrounding.

For a bath with a shower surrounding, you will have a tile for the three partitions. The tile shall be put in to a peak of 6 ft (6 ') above the bathtub deck.

The primary wall is 5 ft huge. The 2 finish partitions are every three ft huge. To find out the tile sq. footage, you could measure the width of every of the three partitions and multiply it by the peak of your shower surrounding.

Let's begin measuring the primary wall:

  • 5 'huge (60 inches) by 6' ft tall. 5 X 6 = 30 sq. ft.

Then you could measure each finish partitions:

  • three 'ft deep (36 ") X 6' tall. three X 6 = 18 Sq. ft.
  • three 'ft deep (36 ") X 6' tall. three X 6 = 18 Sq. ft.

Then, you could add the measurements of all three partitions collectively:

  • 66 sq. ft of subject tile is required for the shower surrounding.

I like to recommend to my purchasers to account for a 20% waste issue when setting tile. Have in mind the tile might be discontinued, the tile might be on again order for quite a few weeks, or many different issues might come up in the event you run in need of tile when transforming your bathroom. An extra 20% of tile for 66 sq. ft equals an extra 13.2 sq. ft of tile. I counsel rounding up the tile to 14 extra sq. ft for the waste issue.

  • 66 sq. ft + 14 sq. ft = 80 sq. ft of subject tile.

Subsequent you could measure for the trim items to complete the sides of the tile. The trim items will end off the sting of the tile operating horizontally on every of the 2 finish partitions, and the highest of the tile on all three partitions operating vertically. Trim items are offered in linear ft. Trim items often vary from eight inches to 12 inches in size.

In our instance, the one wall is 5 ft in size and the 2 finish partitions are every three ft in size. The tile is about 6 ft above the highest of the bathtub deck; the bathtub is 14 inches tall. Once more, I at all times spherical up the measurement to the following highest foot measurement. On this case, I might spherical 14 inches as much as the following highest foot measurement, which is 24 inches (2 ft). Add these two measurements collectively:

  • 6 '+ 2' (14 "rounded up) = eight '

Bear in mind, you must end off the sting of the tile on each finish partitions, so you could double this measurement:

  • eight '+ eight' = 16 '

On this instance, you want 16 '(linear ft) of trim tile to complete off the sting of the tile for every of the 2 finish partitions.

Subsequent, you could measure for the highest of the tile within the shower surrounding. That is easy since we already know that the one wall is 5 ft in size and the 2 finish partitions are every three ft in size:

  • 5 '+ three' + three '= 11'

Lastly, you add up each measurements to find out the linear ft of trim tile that's want for the shower surrounding.

  • 16 '+ 11' = 27 'of trim tile

Along with the tile, it's essential to finances for grout and sealer. I finances $ 1.00 for each sq. foot of subject tile being ordered to cowl the expense of the grout and sealer. This technique is a fast and easy method to set up a finances on your tile and to remain inside your total bathroom rework finances.

It's now time to measure the realm you're going to set up tile on. These measurements will mean you can know the price of any tile you're pondering of putting in in your bathroom.