Shower Tray Sizes 2018 – An In-Depth Home Improvement Article on Everything in the Bathroom (Part 2)


There are 4 foremost finishes for faucets and showers:

Chrome, the toughest carrying end, normally final over 20 years.

Vintage Gold, used extra on conventional model suites, is usually a tender end which is able to final roughly three years with each day use however in a hardly ever used lavatory final might so long as 10 years.

Nickel (both brushed or polished) is the softest end and would usually be for ornamental home bogs which might be hardly ever used.

Powder coated, not as widespread in faucets however nonetheless used on showers, is the place the product is roofed with a layer of coloured plastic.
There are various varieties of faucet configuration for baths, basins and bidets. Every sort has its personal benefits and downsides. This subsequent part outlines the several types of faucet preparations which might be typically out there.

Bathtub Faucets:

There are a number of varieties of faucet association you possibly can placed on a shower. They're as follows: A pair of faucets, a shower filler deck mounted, a shower filler pillar mounted, a three-hole tub filler,
a deck mounted tub bathe mixer, a pillar mounted tub bathe mixer, a four-hole tub bathe mixer, a five-hole tub bathe mixer, wall mounted filler and an overflow filler.

Pair of tub faucets:

The most typical type of faucets for baths, one faucet for decent water and one for chilly. The chilly faucet is normally on the best and the new on the left.

Bathtub filler deck mounted and tub filler pillar mounted.

Any such faucet has the new and cold-water faucets mixed onto one mixer block.

The deck-mounted sort is usually modern in model the place the pillar-mounted sort (that is the place the mixer is held above the tub rim on two poles) is often conventional in model.
The benefit of a mixer over a pair of faucets is the power to combine the water to the specified temperature whereas the tub is filling.

Three gap tub filler:

That is the place the spout is separate to the tub faucet valves. On this case you've got a cold and hot valve and the spout is mounted both within the middle between the 2 valves or mounted within the nook.

Bathtub bathe mixers:

This is identical as the tub fillers however has a bathe hose and handset connected. All these faucets usually are not designed for use as showers for standing underneath and washing your entire physique.
The explanation for that is that there's the true danger that's one other particular person in the home switches on a faucet or a washer kicks in then the temperature on the bathe will change radically.
All these showers are designed for laundry hair or rinsing the tub.

4 and five-hole tub bathe mixers:

These are the identical because the three gap mixers however the four-hole mixers have a handset that sits on the tub with the hose underneath the tub rim. The bathe is switched on by the use of a diverter button mounted on the tub spout.
The 5 gap mixer works in the identical method however has a separate diverter mounted on the tub, not on the tub spout.

Wall mounted filler:

Extra common on the continent, that is the place the mixer is mounted on the wall above the tub and never on the tub rim.

Overflow tub filler:

That is much like the three-hole tub filler however the place the three gap has a spout the overflow filler has the cold and hot valves on the rim of the tub and the filler is the overflow becoming which additionally doubles up because the pop up waste.

Basin Faucets:

As with baths there are a number of varieties of faucet association that may be fitted to a basin. These are a pair of faucets, a mono-bloc mixer and a 3 tap-hole mixer.

A pair of faucets:

That is the place you've got a separate cold and hot faucet on the basin with the chilly faucet normally on the best and the new on the left. That is the most typical configuration for faucets on a basin.
Any such basin usually has a plug and chain waste.

Basin mono-bloc mixer:

That is the place the cold and hot faucets are mounted on a single faucet bloc within the middle of the basin. Any such faucet usually has a pop-up waste equipped as a part of the faucet.

Three tap-hole mixer:

As with the tub association you've got a spout within the center and a separate cold and hot valve on both aspect. Any such association has a pop up waste.
On a 3 tap-hole basin you can too match a pair of basin faucets and within the central gap match a series keep basin waste - that is the place the plug chain is connected to a disc which inserts over the center gap.


There are a number of varieties of showers out there within the UK and the kind you select has so much to do with the kind of sizzling water and chilly water provide that the consumer has of their home. So I'll first sort out the varieties of home water programs mostly out there.

Gravity Feed, Vented, or Low Strain programs

Any such water system normally has a direct mains water chilly feed. The recent water is supplied by the use of a sizzling water cylinder (copper) sited in an airing cabinet and a chilly water cistern (tank) sited both above the cylinder or within the loft. To make use of a mixer bathe with any such system the chilly water tank must be sited at the very least three ft (zero.1 bar) above the bathe head / handset. That's with out you utilize a pump, wherein case you want the tank to be one foot (zero.03bar) above the bathe head / handset.

Combi-boiler, Multi-point programs

Any such water system has a mains feed chilly water provide. The recent water is supplied by an instantaneous fuel boiler. The boiler both does each the new water and central heating (combi-boiler), or it does simply the new water solely (multi-point). With any such system the chilly water is equipped at full mains strain seventy 5 ft (2.5bar roughly) whereas the new water is managed down by the boiler to a minimal of 45 ft (1.5bar roughly). With any such system you can't use a pump to energy the bathe as this is able to contravene the water by-laws. Nonetheless as the cold and hot water is equipped underneath strain you've got an influence bathe anyway.

Pressurized water system, unvented

Any such water system has a mains chilly water provide. The recent water provide is from a sizzling water cylinder which is equipped by full mains strain of 175 ft (2.5bar roughly). As with the combi-boiler system you can't use pump however you don't want to because the mains water strain makes this an influence bathe.

SHOWER DOORS (Cubicles, enclosures and surrounds):

Bathe doorways and enclosures are available in quite a lot of sizes and shapes. As with pottery the associated fee and high quality of the models rely upon the supplies used within the building and the design. Usually the thicker the glass the costlier the bathe cubicle.

Inexpensive enclosures typically use glass within the thickness vary of 3mm to 5mm. This thickness of glass will at all times have a metallic framework surrounding it to assist the burden of the glass. The mid to higher market enclosures have glass within the thickness vary of 6mm to 8mm.
Any such cubicle typically has little or no framework surrounding it and even none in any respect. The construct high quality of ancillary elements comparable to hinges and seals can be essential, as these are the elements that put on the quickest with each day use and can end in leaks.

With sliding doorways the rollers for the doorways needs to be of ball bearing varieties. The explanation for that is that with a ball bearing curler there may be little or no put on on the wheels. Which means that with fixed use they don't develop into elliptical and the glide of the door is at all times easy.
The thickness of the body and the wall profiles can be a contributing issue to the worth. As a rule the thicker the body and the profiles the extra the associated fee. The profiles are the U-shaped channels that connect the cubicle to the wall.

Forms of bathe door:

There are seven foremost varieties of bathe door: Pivot, Hinged, Saloon, Bi-fold, In-fold, Double slider and Triple slider.

The Pivot and Hinged doorways:

These work in the identical method, in that they open outwards as a single piece of glass. With the pivot door the hinges are on the prime and backside of the door.
The benefit of that is that it makes the door properly balanced and put little or no pressure on the framework. The hinged door has the hinges on the aspect of the door.
This does imply nonetheless that when the door is open, the opening on the hinged door is wider than that of the pivot door. All these door are typically inexpensive than some other because of the easy design.
There could be a issue with the water working off the door onto the ground when the door is opened after a bathe.

The Saloon door:

That is much less widespread and has two hinged doorways which be part of within the center. They have a tendency to open inwards however usually are not as a rule highly regarded.

Bi-fold and In-fold doorways:

These two doorways each open inwards and so over the issue of water getting onto the ground by dripping water off the door. The bi-fold door is hinged within the middle and because the title suggests folds precisely within the center.
The in-fold door swings in as a single door by the use of a canter lever association on the prime and backside of the door. You have to be conscious that if an individual faints or collapses in any such cubicle it's not doable to open the door.

Double and Triple sliding doorways:

These doorways work in the identical method in that the doorways slide on rollers forwards and backwards to open or shut. The distinction between the 2 is the variety of doorways used to realize entry. The double sliding door has much less framework and as such has a extra minimalist look, the place the triple sliding door creates a wider opening when the doorways are rolled again.

Bathe shapes:

There are a myriad quantity or bathe door shapes. The most typical are the sq., rectangle, pentangle (penta- or five-sided) and the quadrant (quad of quarter spherical). The most typical sort of bathe tray measurement is 760mm x 760mm. This isn't the smallest sq. tray measurement however is the smallest that's nonetheless usable by most individuals to bathe.
You'll be able to receive sq. trays of each 700mm x 700mm and 600mm x 600mm. The 600mm tray measurement is often used on caravans and boats. The perfect sq. tray measurement if it may be fitted is the 900mm x 900mm.
Rectangular bathe trays are available in quite a lot of sizes from 700mm x 800mm to 1700mm x750mm. The most typical measurement is 1200mm x 760mm, whereas the optimum measurement is 1200mm x 900mm. Tray sizes bigger than this usually included the power to dry oneself within the cubicle.
A pentangle cubicle is identical as a sq. one however has the comer reduce off. This ends in the saving of ground area within the lavatory ensuite. A quadrant cubicle has a rounded entrance edge designed to save lots of area as with the pentangle.


There are 4 foremost varieties of materials used to make bathe trays. These are metal, acrylic, stone resin and acrylic capped resin.

Bathe shapes:

Metal is much less widespread in home use and is usually utilized in business purposes comparable to retirement houses and accommodations

Acrylic trays was once quite common however obtained a nasty popularity because of the poor construct high quality of trays up to now. Using poor frameworks and minimal reinforcement imply that the trays moved when in use and sometimes leaked. Fashionable acrylic trays are typically constructed to a really excessive normal and are totally strengthened. All acrylic trays are on adjustable legs and so are best in purposes the place a stable ground such a concrete is on web site. The results of this greater constructed high quality is that acrylic trays usually are not a cheap choice.

Stone resin trays are by far the most typical trays out there. The low price of manufacturing the molds for the trays makes then essentially the most versatile in measurement. They're out there in each legged and un-legged format (the most typical being with out legs). The 2 commonest issues with resin trays relate to the standard of set up. The primary is that if the un-legged tray isn't bedded in correctly it could actually trigger the bottom of the tray to crack when in use. The second is that the colour of the tray is utilized as a skinny spray end. The results of that is that for those who scratch the tray when putting in it, this can be very troublesome to restore.

Acrylic capped resin trays are gaining popularity. They mix the rigidity of the stone resin tray, however have the added benefit of being capped in acrylic. This produces a floor which is extra proof against influence and may be polished if scratched. They're nonetheless extra expensive to supply and as such usually are not out there in the identical variety of sizes because the stone resin.


There are 4 foremost varieties of bathe, electrical, guide mixer, thermostatic mixer and pumped which may be both thermostatic or guide.


Any such bathe has a small kettle sort chamber inside it by means of which the chilly water passes and is heated electrically. The quantity of water that may be heated is proscribed to roughly one and a half gallons a minute, though the spray is pressured out of the pinnacle at roughly 1.5 bar (45 ft head).

With a view to obtain an throughout spray bathe the hoses ultimately of the handset are drilled fairly small. The results of that is that the droplets of water spray produced are small and don't maintain the temperature. Which means that while the water temperature in your head is sizzling by the point the water runs to your knees it has gone chilly. One different issue with the small gap measurement is that the handsets are constructed to scale construct up in onerous water areas which ends up in the spray sample diminishing.

With a view to maximize the quantity of water produced fashionable electrical showers use on common eight.5KW to 9KW of energy. This makes them thrice costlier to make use of than the electrical immersion heater within the cylinder. My very own opinion is that they're greatest utilized in purposes the place there is no such thing as a saved sizzling water or the place a combi-boiler is used for the primary bathe mixer and the consumer wants a second bathe in the home. Most electrical showers are guide mixers and tend to fluctuate the water temperature when different home equipment comparable to faucets and bathrooms are used.

Guide Mixers:

A guide mixer makes use of the cold and hot water provide to attain a bathe. That is carried out by mixing the quantity of cold and hot by the use of a lever valve, which both makes use of an inside ceramic mixer cartridge or makes use of two separate controls to attain the specified temperature by turning concurrently. This easy mechanism makes the guide valve very price efficient. Nonetheless any such mixer is truthful to wild variations in temperature when different home equipment comparable to faucets, washing machines, dish washers and bathrooms are used. Not a sort of mixer to be really helpful for households with babies or older individuals.

Thermostatic Mixers:

A thermostatic mixer works in the same technique to the guide mixer however has an additional system fitted contained in the valve casing which regulates the water temperature to inside plus or minus one diploma centigrade. The results of that is that if one other equipment is turned on the thermostat routinely adjusts the stream of water to keep up the specified temperature. Whether it is unable to keep up that temperature then it's going to quickly flip the bathe off till it's secure to permit it to perform.
Any such mixer is good for households with babies and older individuals.

Pumped Showers:

That is the place an electrical pump is fitted to the bathe to extend the water strain. Any such system can solely be fitted to a gravity feed sizzling water system. There are two varieties of pumps typically used:

1. Inlet Pump (Twin Impellor)

Any such pump is by far the most typical is fitted to the cold and hot water provides earlier than they undergo the bathe valve. Comparatively cheap to buy they supply strain to the bathe of as much as 3bar (100ft head) at a stream price of as much as three gallons a minute. The most well-liked strain is 1.5bar (45 foot head).

2. Outlet Pump (Single Impellor)

Any such pump is fitted after the valve and pumps the blended cold and hot water. The benefit of that is that it could actually safely ship a better stream price and better strain. The explanation for that is that whenever you pump water into the valve at strain it could actually create an imbalance of pressures on the valve. This is because of the truth that the valve requires extra sizzling water than chilly to attain the proper temperature. The Outlet pump pulls the water by means of the valve and units up no such imbalance.


There are three foremost varieties of mixer valve:
1. Totally uncovered, the place each the physique of the valve and the cold and hot water pipes to it are on the floor and on full view.

2. Semi-recessed, the place the physique of the valve is on the floor and uncovered and the pipe work is hidden within the wall.

three. Totally Recessed, the place each the primary physique of the valve and the pipe work are hid within the wall.


There are three varieties of bathe head:

1. Fastened head, the place the bathe head is fastened on the wall above head top by the use of a bathe arm. Any such head cannot usually be moved decrease, however could also be fitted with a ball swivel that means that you can flip it to the left or proper.

2. Handset, usually equipped with a bathe rail (sliding rail) which lets you regulate the peak of the bathe rose and take away it if obligatory to scrub a toddler or wall.

three. Physique-jet, usually fitted with the fastened head sort of bathe these are jets mounted on the wall beneath head top. They are perfect for individuals who don't want to wash there hair or face.


There are three foremost varieties of bathe spray:

1. Customary spray widespread to all varieties of bathe the water is equipped by way of sequence of small holes distributed evenly throughout the bathe head.

2. Pulse spray (therapeutic massage spray) This will solely be used on showers which have energy because the water strain is used to spin a disc positioned contained in the bathe head to pulse the water spray and so produce a therapeutic massage motion. The larger the strain the stronger the therapeutic massage.

three. Champagne spray (aerated) can solely be used on energy showers with a minimal of 1.5bar (45 ft head). The water strain is used to supply air bubbles within the water and so produce a tender foamy spray. This spray sample is good for kids because it introduces them to energy showers in a method that's enjoyable. Additionally best for women as the froth prevents the water from splashing up into the face and in addition expresses extra water into moist hair for the elimination of shampoo.