Small Shower Base 2018 – Souffle Cups: Child Care Christmas Craft!

Usually once you consider utilizing kitchen paper items for crafts you consider paper plates or espresso filters however a souffle cup could be a distinctive merchandise to make use of. I've listed one under with two completely different choices that make a enjoyable Christmas Craft for house, baby care facilities or colleges for ages four and older.

Christmas Tree

Supplies Wanted:

16 - four ozpaper souffle cups
1 - Every pink and inexperienced crayon
three - Q-tips
1 - Bottle of youngsters's glue (not glue stick)
1 - Every small container of pink and inexperienced glitter
1 - 14 "x15" piece of heavy cardboard


Step 1 - Place souffle on newspaper or previous shower curtain to guard floor.
Step 2 - Coloration inside backside of Eight cups pink and shade inside backside of Eight inexperienced utilizing crayons.
Step three - Utilizing a Q-tip, unfold glue on outdoors sides of 1 pink.
Step four - Sprinkle a small quantity of pink glitter on the glue sides.
Step 5 - Repeat steps three and four for 7 extra pink cups after which do the identical for the Eight inexperienced utilizing inexperienced glitter. Let dry utterly.
Step 6 - Place the cardboard 14 "size and 15" peak in your floor.
Step 7 - Beginning with 1 souffle, place it on the very prime (middle) of the cardboard. Then place 2 (centered), touching sides, immediately under first one. Place three immediately under the two, four immediately under the three and 5 immediately under the four. Place the final cup (that is the tree base) immediately under the center cup on final row. Alternate the colours, ensuring to make use of inexperienced for the bottom.
Step Eight- Starting again on the prime, glue all souffle cups in place. Let dry utterly.

Now for the Choices!

Possibility 1
Your tree could be a reward! Put items of small wrapped sweet in every souffle cup. You may write a greeting immediately on the cardboard or write it on a separate sq. of paper and glue it to the cardboard.

Possibility 2
Your tree could be a sport! Place the cardboard on a desk or flooring. Utilizing heavy buttons, cash, or marbles, make up a tossing sport; any variety of gamers can play.