Spa Shower Heads 2018 – Shaving The Pubic Hair (For Women)

The right phrase is "Vulva" however I choose to name it "Vagina" so I will not confuse too many individuals. "Vagina" is the phrase of selection for a lady's non-public half, by no means heard anybody together with my OB/GYN refer it as Vulva... I ponder why "we" are afraid to say "Vulva"..?? In any case, this text will focus on the right strategy to shave the "Vagina" so as to stop these nasty razor bumps & reduce ingrown hairs. I've heard many ladies speak about getting nasty razor bumps a day or two after shaving, so I am right here to point out you a great way to forestall or reduce your probability of getting it. I experiment with my physique rather a lot so it is a shaving routine that works for me every time, and I hope it really works for you too!

Issues You Will Want

(a) Model new shaving razor... an affordable disposable razor is a No-No. (Be sure to put money into high quality razor; those with a number of blades and pivot heads are the perfect as a result of they provide a smoother shut shave)... Instance of excellent manufacturers are Venus Embrace, Schick Quattro, and so on.

(b) Pure Silk shaving cream for ladies..Be certain that it says for "Delicate Pores and skin"...

(c) AYATE washcloth... This can be used for exfoliating useless pores and skin cells..

(d) Shaving oil

(e) EQUATE Unscented child oil (hypoallergenic)..make certain it incorporates Vitamin E

(f) Clear towel


(A) Trim your pubic hair (whether it is too bushy)..This may make shaving simpler and reduce irritation down there.

(B) Take a "Heat" shower or bath for not less than 15minutes.

(C) Use an Ayate washcloth and unscented bathing cleaning soap to clean your non-public half. This may exfoliate the useless pores and skin cells.

(D) Apply some shaving oil in your non-public half... The razor will glide simpler and your pores and skin will stay moisturized all through the shaving course of..Essential!

(E) Apply a beneficiant quantity of shaving cream... A wealthy lather will defend your pores and skin from nasty nicks & cuts. (Earlier than making use of the shaving cream, make certain your non-public half is Damp, Not soaking moist)... Huge distinction!

(F) Utilizing a pointy razor, shave in downward movement. Be sure to rinse the razor each few strokes... Permitting the razor to clog up will trigger a catastrophe in your non-public half.

(G) If you end up completed shaving, rinse your non-public half totally. Pat dry with a clear towel.

(H) Be sure to moisturize the shaved space proper after patting dry. I exploit Equate unscented child oil for this function. Sure, you'll be oily. Higher oily than itchy, proper? ******Keep away from making use of scented lotions, this may irritate your pores and skin thereby inflicting these nasty bumpy bumps****. Apply on the exterior half Solely!!!

A good friend of mine prompt "Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum" & "Bikini Zone Anti-bump Shave Gel" for combating ingrown hairs & bumps. Hold it useful in case you want it.

(I) Keep away from carrying panties for not less than an hour. Additionally, keep away from carrying tight fitted garments (particularly denims) proper after shaving... (I typically shave on my day without work so I simply put on a skirt or free becoming shorts with no underwear for the remainder of day). Each time your non-public half begins to really feel dry, apply extra child oil on the Exterior elements solely. Dry non-public half = Itchy non-public half.

Ultimate Observe: Girls, if you wish to go fully bald down there I counsel you get a Brazillian Wax. Attempting to shave off the pubic hairs fully may be harmful since you may lower your inside Vulva. Brazilian Wax additionally retains you bald for some weeks and you do not have to fret about razor bumps both.

A Fast Recap: I am not in anyway claiming that this methodology will stop bumps and ingrown hairs in everybody. That is only a shaving methodology that works for me so I made a decision to share it with everybody with hope that it'll assist another person. Cheers!