Walk In Shower Door 2018 – Visual Memory Strategies: How to Use The Journey Method

I've determined to do a sequence of posts on various helpful reminiscence methods and that is the primary. It is one in every of my favorite reminiscence methods because it's fairly easy and really visible.

It entails your creativeness and it really works because of associating what you need to keep in mind with a journey that is already acquainted to you.

Visible Reminiscence Methods

1) Your Personal Reminiscence Palace

This can be a fairly simple and is predicated on a extra prolonged technique of remembering, generally known as The Journey Technique. It is also known as Loci (pronounced Lo-Si), from the Latin which means 'locations'. This explicit reminiscence technique is also referred to as The Reminiscence Palace.

For this extra easy model, you may want this record of 10 phrases:

  • Elephant
  • Apple
  • Candle
  • Bicycle
  • Aircraft
  • Johnny Depp
  • Blanket
  • Tree
  • Swan
  • Statue

The concept is to cowl the record after which look by way of the gadgets above and keep in mind them...

Nonetheless, do not do it but.

First, you want to plan a route round your home or residence. The journey round your house must have 10 'stops' on it - 10 totally different locations that you may cease to recollect or see one thing. The locations should be in a logical sequence.

For instance, I can begin exterior my constructing (1), proceed up the steps to the 2nd flooring touchdown (2), then I am going to my entrance door (three), open it and go into the shower room on my proper (four), then go to my room (5), then to the desk within the spare room (6), then over to the window (7), then head to the bathroom (eight), on to lounge (9) and end within the kitchen (10).

Clearly, yours can be completely totally different.

No matter it's, make sure that it has 10 stops. Now, stroll that journey, stopping at every level. Here is the place you get imaginative...

At every cease, image the corresponding merchandise on the left-hand record.

So, exterior my constructing is an elephant. I am going in and up the steps to the touchdown, the place a large apple says hi there to me. I am going to my entrance door which is lit by candlelight. I am going into my residence and into the shower room however cannot get in as there is a bicycle in the way in which. I am going to my room and there is a toy airplane practising stunts over the mattress. I am going to the spare room and Johnny Depp is sitting on the desk, writing. I am going to the window and see a girl shaking a blanket out of her window. I am going to the bathroom and there is a tree rising within the bath, in the lounge is a swan watching TV and within the kitchen is Michaelangelo's David statue.

Sounds mad, does not it?

Effectively, the extra loopy the picture, the extra you are more likely to keep in mind it. That is what's enjoyable about reminiscence methods like this one.

See how most of the phrases on the record you possibly can keep in mind with out trying again on the record. 6 or above is nice going for a primary time. If you are able to do all 10, go and do one thing else after which come again after an hour or two and see what number of you possibly can recall in your journey across the Reminiscence Palace in your thoughts.